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Impress your friends once you order predator/alien helmets from #KustomzAirbrushing.#Helmets are available in small, medium, large,or extra-large sizes.They can be modified in any way,including build to suite.#customairbrushing.

Custom-Fabricated Predator Helmets

These stunning, custom-built helmets are similar to the head of the alien from the movie Predator. They are fabricated from fiberglass,kevlar,carbon finber for safety built with a d.o.t inner shell. Once you place your order, we create your helmet according to your specifications.From basic to exotic colors available.You get to choose the size,mold,and venting features if you see something,we can reproduce it for you,build to suite if need be. You can also choose how realistic you want the helmet to be.

There are multiple variations and prototypes for you to choose from, so get in contact with us and we’ll create the best custom helmet for you.


Learn more about our  helmets when you contact us.

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